Recent Personal Obsessions: Everlane, Swimsuits, Memoir

A recent obsession of mine is Everlane, a “new retail experience” that sells luxury clothes at “truly disruptive prices.” So far, I’ve ordered a white terry cloth sweatshirt, two t-shirts, and a white oxford shirt–and all have become instant favorites.

A succinct Everlane review: the oxford has “disrupted” my life. The fit is streamlined, and flattering (to my eye) to my thin silhouette, although the sleeve length is a bit short. As long as I wear my sleeves rolled, the oxford is a perfect option for the price: $55.

Just yesterday, following a panicky impulse, I took three slim-fit button-up shirts from Banana Republic to the tailor for further slimming. I plan to eventually tailor all of my button-up. I must admit, though, I am somewhat worried about my button-ups. The conversation with the tailor, a thin, clearly tired Asian woman, was brief and inexplicable. I hope I conveyed what I needed to convey.

Anyway. Here’s cool picture of Vogue’s former editor Mary Russel from Everlane’s Tumblr:

In other clothing-obsessive news, after a summer of baby care, when I essentially wore nothing but my short swimsuit or pink shorts and a grey t-shirt, I’m making a conscientious effort to build a respectable summer wardrobe. Beyond my yearly mad browsing for my dream swimsuit, I’m looking for a good pair of shorts (madras?), a pair of light pants, and a few good lightweight shirts. I have my eye on the khaki travel jeans from Bonobos–apparently they fit perfectly. Now I’m also considering white jeans. For summer, I look to this post from Secret Forts for inspiration. And sometimes I look to this picture of Marc Jacobs from The New Yorker:

Each night, too, Karen and I daydream out loud about weekend trips with Everlane’s weekender bags. I think Karen just tries to humor me. She finds my clothing obsession a bit loony. We’ve felt very happy lately in our new role as parents and married people trying to thrive as parents and lovers–two entirely different roles, obviously. We’re navigating the rough uncharted waters with humor.

In other news, Ella is one year old and thriving. I call her Bunky.

Also, I’ve completed about 10,000 words of my memoir, which I’m tentatively calling Clean: A Memoir. One of the agents to I sent my novel asked that I send her some other work, and I hope to send her these memoir pages plus an outline very soon! Here’s an excerpt from the first chapter describing my first impressions of Karen:

“Ten years before, on the first day of my sophomore year of high school, I had turned a corner and  glimpsed, for the first time, my future wife, the freshman, Karen Magowan. That day she wore these short white shorts that stopped just above her thighs, and her exposed legs, pale and lengthy, seemed to announce a private hygiene exceeding mere soap and water. Slinking past her, I sensed she had recently stepped from the shower: some luxury, glass-framed deal with an enormous chrome showerhead. Looking at her I felt dirty in some remote part of my anatomy. So I said nothing. But at that moment I commenced a conversation with her, at first imaginative and later genuine, that over the next twelve years ignited the best parts of me: Writer. Explorer. Lover.” 

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  1. Excited to read 'Clean…'! Ironically enough, I'm chipping away at my own memoir, though probably at a much slower pace. Let me know if you need some feedback! Happy spring!

  2. You're back, good to see you! Seriously, I was concerned, I dont know you but feel as though you are a part of my karass.

  3. Hi Jeremy. Thanks for the comment. I've been wondering what you were working on, and what came of the last piece you sent me. I'm printing out the first section of this memoir (10,000 words; about 4 months work) this weekend. Yes, if you have time, I'd love feedback, as always.

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