One Good Thing #2: Ella’s Birthday

Based on the current numbers of cases and fatalities, the death rate of the virus is about 3.7%. I admit: Until today, I had found comfort in these seemingly low numbers–without thinking about the human consequence.
A single death is a tragedy–for a family, a community.

This fact is most apparent when celebrating a birthday. Today is Ella’s 8th birthday. We celebrated at our house, with our family. Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop came from Brigantine. Aunt Chuck came from Lancaster. And, of course, the local family was here: Ella’s grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins.

It was lovely to commune with the family, young and old. At first, we tiptoed around each other.

“Are we hugging?” we asked.

Hours later, as the party ended, we embraced each other without hesitation.

As I write now, with little time and much later than expected, Ella and Owen sit on the couch with their cousin Olivia watching Boss Baby. Karen is on her way home with chocolate ice cream and way too much wine. Soldier on, I keep thinking. Stay positive.

Happy birthday, Ella. We love you.