Email From My Dad: Pre-Sandy

HI Kids,

I’m hearing rumors of a big storm heading for the Jersey shore. If they are true, which I doubt, based on the last time when nothing really materialized, I am taking some preliminary precautions. Phylis just went out to buy an umbrella. We will keep all our windows closed. I will keep everyone posted.



2 thoughts on “Email From My Dad: Pre-Sandy”

  1. How did your Dad fair in the storm? We drove from Florida right up through it to Toronto. Not a fun adventure in the moment, but once through it, a neat experience to look back on!

  2. Hi Alexandria,

    My Dad lives in Brigantine, NJ. He evacuated on Monday, and he is not allowed back until Saturday. From what we've seen, the town was essentially destroyed–a far cry from his email. We're hoping for the best…

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