A Perfect Recipe: Roast Potatoes

Delicious recipes often sacrifice health for flavor. And “healthy” recipes often sacrifice flavor for perceived health benefits. Can you maximize flavor and health? I believe so. The “perfect” recipe series explores the recipes I’ve developed over twenty years as a passionate home cook, personal caterer, and recipe developer.  The perfect roast potato begins with baking … Read more

The “Perfect” Diet

In America, views on healthful eating fall on a spectrum defined by two opposing ideologies. On one side, people like Dr. Mercola, Sally Fallon (founder of the Weston A. Price Foundation) and Professor Loren Cordain (founder of the “Paleo Diet”) recommend the consumption of high-quality animal-based foods, such as grass-fed beef, wild salmon, or raw grass-fed … Read more

In Defense of Self-Portraits

“Having never met you before but already hating your guts. It must be your picture.” ~A recent anonymous blog comment on this blog. I’ve been taking self-portraits for a few years now. I’m addicted to my own face. I love taking pictures of my self and posting the pictures on social networking sites. To me, … Read more