Quarantine Notes: To the Class of 2020

The photo above was taken twenty-five-years ago on the Ocean City boardwalk. Karen was seventeen, young and carefree. She wanted to travel around the world. She wanted to go to college. She wanted to learn several languages, to work for the United Nations. I was eighteen, extremely serious and painfully in love. I wanted to … Read more

One Good Thing #7: I Am

As I sit here writing, I hear Ella, one floor below, sprinting from room to room, creating a “school,” populated with LEGOs, L.O.L Surprise Dolls, and army men. I hear Owen’s shouts as he guides the army men to “the library.” I can hear music, the playlists Spotify somehow uncovers from the algorithmic chaos of … Read more

Be Still, My Shark-Filled Heart

Heading out of the beach town, Stone Harbor, the Stone Harbor Boulevard cuts a thin strip of road through a salt marsh. It’s a beautiful, mystical strip, dotted with marinas, crab shacks, farmer’s stalls, and stilted houses with docks jutting out into the high cordgrass. Bull sharks have been known to swim here and the … Read more