One Good Thing #7: I Am

As I sit here writing, I hear Ella, one floor below, sprinting from room to room, creating a “school,” populated with LEGOs, L.O.L Surprise Dolls, and army men. I hear Owen’s shouts as he guides the army men to “the library.” I can hear music, the playlists Spotify somehow uncovers from the algorithmic chaos of … Read more

One Good Thing #3: The Value of Boredom

My daughter Ella celebrated her eighth birthday yesterday. When I was eight-years-old, I was a student at the Lancaster Waldorf school, the only school I’d known, and my day-to-day experience was not much different from my daughter’s. I went to school, I came home. I lived for the weekends, for summer. Even then, I recall … Read more

One Good Thing #2: Ella’s Birthday

Based on the current numbers of cases and fatalities, the death rate of the virus is about 3.7%. I admit: Until today, I had found comfort in these seemingly low numbers–without thinking about the human consequence. A single death is a tragedy–for a family, a community. This fact is most apparent when celebrating a birthday. … Read more

Bad Boy

This Saturday, we returned from Sea Isle, the Jersey beach town where we vacation each year with Karen’s family. We stayed on 48th Street, steps from the boardwalk, which stretches north to south from 57th street to 29th street.  On our final morning in town, a hot Friday, I walked with Owen and Ella and … Read more

Letter from Uncle Dean

Over the past 16 years, I’ve carried on a letter exchange with my uncle Dean. In these letters, Dean introduced me to the life of a poet–to the challenges, and surprises, and victories of the writing life. I still read some of the early letters Dean wrote, back when I was just beginning to write, … Read more

Be Still, My Shark-Filled Heart

Heading out of the beach town, Stone Harbor, the Stone Harbor Boulevard cuts a thin strip of road through a salt marsh. It’s a beautiful, mystical strip, dotted with marinas, crab shacks, farmer’s stalls, and stilted houses with docks jutting out into the high cordgrass. Bull sharks have been known to swim here and the … Read more